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Open Source Identity and Access Management

What is OSIAM?

OSIAM is a secure identity management solution providing REST based services for authentication and authorization. We achieve this by implementing two important open standards: OAuth 2.0 and SCIM 2.0.

OSIAM is published under the MIT licence, giving you the greatest freedom possible to utilize OSIAM in you project or product.



New Location for OSIAM Snapshot Builds


Until now, we distributed the latest build of OSIAM under a stable URL on Bintray. But unfortunately, Bintray only allows updates to a published artifact for 180 days. So this idea did not work out. This means we have to stop publishing the latest snapshot to Bintray.


End-of-life of Add-Ons and OSIAM 2.x


We officially announce the end-of-life of OSIAM 2.x and the Add-Ons. OSIAM 3.0 was released about 6 Months ago. Since then, no further updates were made to OSIAM 2.x. There were also no significant support requests. It seems that the time has come to end the lifecycle of OSIAM 2.x. Additionally, it turned out that the add-ons provide services, that are mandatory for an IAM. Thus, they should not be provided by add-ons but be integrated into OSIAM. The following end-of-life dates have been set:


Release: OSIAM 3.0


We are proud to announce the availability of OSIAM 3.0. This version increases the SCIM 2.0 compliance, contains security enhancements, and improves deployment and configuration. The biggest change is the merge of the auth-server and the resource-server. But custom and outdated APIs like the Facebook Connect emulation and the PATCH API were also removed. In terms of security, the most important change is the automatic migration to bcrypt hashes for passwords.


Release: Add-Ons 1.9


We are proud to announce the availability of Add-On Administration 1.9, Add-On Self Administration 1.9, and Add-On Self Administration Plug-In API 1.6. These releases are mainly fixing bugs. But there is one new feature in the Add-On Administration. This release officially deprecates the support for OSIAM 2.x, which will be removed in version 1.12 or 2.0. This will probably be the last release of all add-ons, as they will be merged into the core server soon.


Release: Connector4Java 1.9


We are proud to announce the availability of Connector4Java 1.9. This release merges the scim-schema into the connector. This was necessary, because client and server partly have a different view on the SCIM resources. This leads to an enormous amount of deprecations in this release. This release deprecates the support of OSIAM 2.x. It will be completely removed in version 1.12 or 2.0. Please update to OSIAM 3.0 as soon as possible.


More Pre-Releases


During this week, we were testing the whole release process for all artifacts. The result was, that everything works as a charm, so we’re ready for release from this point of view. Another result was more pre-releases that you can get your hands on for testing and playing around with:


Pre-Release: OSIAM 3.0.CR1


Unfortunately, we missed the deadline for OSIAM 3.0. We’ve got stuck on some key changes, but we finally finished our new build and release process today. To make up for the delay, we have tested the release process with an official pre-release of OSIAM: 3.0.CR1. This is for all of you, who patiently waited for so long now. You can download it from our new Bintray repository:


OSIAM 3.0 Release Date


We have finally set the release date for OSIAM 3.0: It will be on April 30th 2016 (2016-04-30). Of course, it’s done, when it’s done, but we will try hard to stay on schedule. Starting today we are also in feature freeze. This means that no new features or changes will be accepted for 3.0 from now on. To the end of April, we will cut off the last rough edges and resolve the remaining issues, that are scheduled for 3.0.


Release: Add-Ons 1.8


We are proud to announce the availability of Add-On Self Administration 1.8 and Add-On Administration 1.8. This release mostly brings compatibility fixes to make the add-ons work with all versions of OSIAM >= 2.2 again. Support for OSIAM 3.0 has been added too. A major bug in Add-On Administration was fixed as well.


Release: OSIAM 2.5


We are proud to announce the availability of OSIAM 2.5. This release mostly contains changes to improve the SCIM 2.0 compliance, internal enhancements and minor fixes. But there are also some new configuration properties for fine tuning the performance of your OSIAM installation.


Release: Connector4Java 1.8 and SCIM Schema 1.6


We are proud to announce the availability of Connector4Java 1.8 and SCIM Schema 1.6. These releases restores the compatibility with versions of OSIAM <= 2.3 and introduces support for OSIAM 3.0. There are also 2 new features: set network timeouts per connector and management of OAuth 2 clients.


Welcome to OSIAM!


Welcome to OSIAM’s new website.