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Open Source Identity and Access Management


Release: Add-Ons 1.9


We are proud to announce the availability of Add-On Administration 1.9, Add-On Self Administration 1.9, and Add-On Self Administration Plug-In API 1.6. These releases are mainly fixing bugs. But there is one new feature in the Add-On Administration. This release officially deprecates the support for OSIAM 2.x, which will be removed in version 1.12 or 2.0. This will probably be the last release of all add-ons, as they will be merged into the core server soon.

The artifacts have been deployed on Bintray and in case of the Add-On Self Administration API on the Maven central. The coordinates of the plug-in API are org.osiam:addon-self-administration-plugin-api:1.6:jar. The files are available using one of the following links:

Add-On Administration 1.9

Add-On Self Administration 1.9

Add-On Self Administration Plug-In API 1.6

The following is an overview of the most important changes. The full changelogs are available here:

Landing Page for Administration

The Add-On Administration now welcomes its users with a simple landing page. This solves the issue, that unauthenticated users are immediately redirected to the login page. It also stops the confusing behavior, when a user logs out and is immediately redirected to the login page again.


  • The connector has been updated and support for OSIAM 3.0 has been improved.
  • The registration confirmation email now contains the right user id in the activation link instead of a literal “null”.
  • Changing the display name of a group in the Add-On Administration now retains the group’s members.