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Open Source Identity and Access Management


Welcome to OSIAM!


Welcome to OSIAM’s new website.

We are going to blog here from now on about things like:

  • New releases and upcoming changes in OSIAM and its components
  • Rationales behind architectural decisions
  • How-tos, tutorials and case studies showing you how to get the best out of OSIAM

We are are going to constantly improve this website. Some plans for the future are:

  • Allowing comments on blog posts with Disqus
  • Hosting the documentation of OSIAM and its components
  • Making it fancier and linking to the external services we use

This website is powered by Jekyll and GitHub Pages using Jason Costello’s (@jsncostello) Slate Theme for GitHub Pages. You can find the sources here: osiam/ If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear that via an issue or a Pull Request.